在线“电子商务事件”- GlobalSpec推出新的工业营销服务


2010年1月21日 GlobalSpec推出新的工业营销服务 – 在线“电子商务事件”(E-Events),电脑面前就可以参加全球展览会 JACKIE独家报道。

作为领先的信息资源和技术,工业和技术的专业搜索引擎、电子出版公司、社区 – GlobalSpec(今天宣布将扩大其成功,再推出40多种多元化的针对工业专业领域的在线“电子商务事件(E-Event)”的业务。

现如今,生动和永久在线的供求“事件”(Event)的有着极高的互动性,连接全球OEM供应商和他们的目标市场的专业技术专家,引导他们在这里进行商业协合和互动学习,知识共享和联网效益。 这40个工程和技术电子类“事件”包括工厂和设施工程,医疗设备设计,工业自动化,机床及金属加工,传感器和断路器,流体动力,运动控制,电子产品设计,测试与测量,设计和分析软件,替代和可再生能源等。



作为参展商,GlobalSpec的“电子商务事件”将有影响力的工程,科技和工业行业的目标受众及决策者聚集在一起,使供应商进行商业业务,建立网络,建立与他们的观众的关系,展示产品,交流技术知识。事件前和事件后的活动营销活动 – 通过针对性的电子邮件广告,GlobalSpec电子新闻信(E-Newsletters)和产品通知(Product Alerts)以及其他在线渠道 – 让参展商在其目标市场强大的市场广告曝光 – 详细的销售线索(Sales Leads)和品牌曝光效果报告提供全面而具体的与会者活动记录。在与会者提供一个全面研究活动。 参展商如果是GlobalSpec的SpecSearch ®功能的供应商,也可以在“电子商务事件”上展示可供搜索搜索(Specsearch)功能的在线产品目录,这可以有意向的潜在客户进行元件及生产服务的规格搜寻。

“十多年来,GlobalSpec一直提供向工程师、技术专家与决策者们提供突破性的工具和决策资源,旨在帮助他们高效地采购技术类B2B产品。”GlobalSpec公司董事长兼首席执行官杰弗里基林说,“B2B市场在线电子展览会(E-Trade Show)的时机来了。电子商务虚拟事件给买卖双方提供了成本和投资回报率的一个新的水平。就像我们GlobalSpec高度成功的专业垂直搜索引擎,我们的电子通讯业务(E-Newsletter)一样,我们在线“电子商务事件”的扩展,是GlobalSpec不断自然变革的延伸 – 制定行业标准,并进一步定位GlobalSpec为聚集和引导业务的“社区”。



GlobalSpec公司是领先的专业垂直搜索引擎,信息服务和电子出版公司的工程服务,技术和工业界。 GlobalSpec用户受益领域的专家搜索引擎,专有和聚合网络广泛的内容,以及60多个电子通讯 – 帮助他们寻找,找到的产品和服务,了解供应商和全面的技术内容的访问。 SpecSearch ®,GlobalSpec的商标的搜索技术,允许用户搜寻规格的2,300,000产品系列,超过24,000供应商目录超过1.850亿件。对于供应商来说,GlobalSpec提供了高过滤销售和市场机会,产品推广和品牌广告平台,包括GlobalSpec工业广告联播网,以及众多电子媒体广告和营销解决方案。




GlobalSpec (, the leading specialized search engine, information resource and e-publishing company for the engineering, industrial and technical communities, today announced that it will be expanding its successful online e-events business by launching 40 diversified events, targeted for professionals within the industrial sector.

These one-day, live and extended 30-day on-demand events are highly interactive, connecting a worldwide community of OEM suppliers and their target market of technical professionals to conduct commerce and benefit from interactive learning, knowledge sharing and networking. The 40 e-events to be held feature diverse fields of engineering and technology, including plant and facilities engineering; medical equipment design; industrial automation; machine tools & metal working; sensors & switches; fluid power; motion control; electronic product design; test & measurement; design & analysis software; and alternative & renewable energy.

For attendees, GlobalSpec e-events offer a targeted opportunity to learn about new products, technology and applications from leading manufacturers and gain important and valuable knowledge on news and developments relevant to their industry and profession – all from their desktop. These e-events allow participants to benefit from the latest news and trends, delivered from keynote speakers who are experts in their respective industries; experience the latest technology solutions; and participate in live question-and-answer sessions with speakers. They also have the ability to conduct online interactive chat and business card exchange with supplier representatives to learn more about the latest products and services and network and collaborate with other attendees within the online environment.

Feedback from recent GlobalSpec e-events demonstrates the value of these online tradeshow/conference events for attendees. Post-event surveys show that 94% of attendees feel that the online event experience is a positive one, and 95% would attend another GlobalSpec online event.

For exhibitors, GlobalSpec events bring together their target audience of influential engineering, scientific and industrial decision makers, allowing suppliers to conduct business, network, build relationships, demonstrate products and share technical knowledge with their qualified audience. Pre- and post-event marketing activities – via targeted email campaigns, GlobalSpec e-newsletters and alerts, and other online channels – give exhibitors strong market exposure within their target markets, while detailed sales lead and brand exposure reporting supply a complete look at attendee activity. GlobalSpec’s SpecSearch®-enabled clients are also able to feature their online product catalogs and have prospects search for components and manufacturing services by spec as part of their online exhibits.

“For over a decade, GlobalSpec has been providing engineers and related industrial professionals with breakthrough tools and resources designed to help them efficiently source technical B2B products,” said GlobalSpec Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Killeen. “The timing is now right for e-trade shows in the B2B marketplace; virtual events which offer a new level of time, cost and ROI efficiencies to both buyers and sellers. Much like the extension of our highly successful specialized search engines and our e-newsletter business, our expansion of our online events is a natural evolution of our offerings – setting the standard and further positioning GlobalSpec as ‘the place’ where this community gathers and conducts business.”

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GlobalSpec, Inc. is the leading specialized vertical search, information services and e-publishing company serving the engineering, technical and industrial communities. GlobalSpec users benefit from domain-expert search engines, a broad range of proprietary and aggregated Web-based content, and more than 60 e-newsletters – helping them search for and locate products and services, learn about suppliers and access comprehensive technical content. SpecSearch®, GlobalSpec’s trademarked search technology, allows users to search by specification more than 185,000,000 parts in 2,300,000 product families from more than 24,000 supplier catalogs. For suppliers, GlobalSpec offers highly filtered sales and marketing opportunities, product promotion and brand advertising platforms, including the GlobalSpec Industrial Ad Network, and a wide range of e-media advertising and marketing solutions.

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