Vulcan Spring公司证实GlobalSpec的威力[ADOTAS]


ADOTAS – 随着潜在客户延伸向更多的行业,Vulcan弹簧寻求通过GlobalSpec在线联系潜在客户中的工程师和设计师,将自己的订制弹簧在客户研发产品早期就展开合作。下面是Vulcan营销副总裁Bob Gustafson详细述说GlobalSpec加强制造商在线营销意识的多种方法。


Bob Gustafson:我们是一个始于1967年的自定义扁钢弹簧生产商。我们的产品包括恒力弹簧,变力弹簧,电力弹簧和弹簧拉箱。我们弹簧广泛应用于医疗设备、太空飞船和卫星上的折叠太阳能电池板等诸多领域。















Spotlight: Vulcan Spring Testifies to GlobalSpec’s Prowess

ADOTAS – With potential customers stretched across a wealth of industries, Vulcan Spring sought GlobalSpec’s expertise in reaching engineers and designers online in the early stages of development to collaborate on custom steel springs. In the video below, Vulcan VP of Sales and Marketing Bob Gustafson details GlobalSpec’s multifaceted approach to improving the manufacturer’s online awareness.

ADOTAS: Tell us a little about your business, what Vulcan Spring does and how you measure success with your marketing efforts? Targets? Specific goal outcomes?

Bob Gustafson: We are a custom flat steel spring manufacturer. Our products include Constant Force Springs, Variable Force Springs, Power Springs and Pullboxes. We make the springs that push products forward on a shelf, trigger the use of a medical device and open solar panels on satellites in space, among many other applications. We have been in business since 1967.

Our goal is to be available online for engineers and designers who are searching for this type of niche product. Since our customer base is spread among many different industries we need to have marketing tools that casts a wide net on one hand, and can selectively target markets on the other.

Why is GlobalSpec a fit for those marketing objectives and targets?

GlobalSpec allows us to be found online when an engineer of designer is looking for a solution to a problem and knows that a spring would help. GlobalSpec is searched by many different industries and we see this in the results. They also have targeted newsletters that we have utilized for different industries, customizing our message.

One other part that we like is the ability to add products to our on-line profile to show the engineer the type of products that we offer. We can add updated information and new products at any time.

What objectives and goals did you specifically hope to apply to GlobalSpec?

Our goal is to reach as many engineers and designers as possible, hopefully in the early stages of design. This way, we can work with them to make the best possible product. We work to integrate the spring into the other components of the product and usually can add to the overall design.

How did you and GlobalSpec go about planning for the specifics of your marketing objectives and campaign?

We mainly set up our profile so that we can cover most industries and key words for search results. We then strategize to pinpoint various newsletters that will gain us attention.

Tell us about the experience and outcome of that initiative?

We receive leads on a weekly basis, sent directly to us. We can also go on and download custom reports at any time. Our results are magnified when we run the newsletters. We can increases of 400% when we run a newsletter.

Are you currently doing or plan to do more?

We are always looking at the newsletters to increase our visibility. We are also trying to work our way into the on-line tradeshows that are now available. That would be something we could do to gain exposure.